Diagnostics Page

Agent Gateway Version:


Browsers supported :

The certified browsers are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 11 until June, 2022.

Browser Capabilities :

BrowserJava VersionPlatformSupports CookiesSupports VB Script Supports JavaScript Supports Java Applets Supports ActiveX Controls WCP installed
Unknown 0.0 UnknownYesNoNoNoNo

Supported Printers :

  • Epson TM-U375: to be used with the Generic / Text Only printer driver included.
  • Epson TM-U675: uses the Advanced Printer Driver which can be downloaded here.
  • Driver for Printer Adapter (Windows 11 OS): Click here.

For non-Java printing support, click this link to install the WebClientPrint (WCP)

Supported Scanners :

  • RDM EC7000i, EC7500i and EC9600i: to be used with an USB port only. The scanner driver can be downloaded here.